Long distance movers in UAE offer specialist services in areas such as packing, storage ad transportation of your furniture and goods. UAE is an enormous continent, with many interstate moves requiring long journeys across hundreds to thousands of kilometers. When you consider the fact that your interstate removal or long-distance move requires expert loading, safe and secure transportation and unloading of your valuable items, you should expect to pay accordingly.


Interstate or long distance moves in UAE, from Melbourne to Sydney, Perth to Broome, Canberra to Townsville and beyond, require the assistance of a professional interstate removalist that can cater to your move from end to end.


Costs For Long Distance Movers

Unlike local moves, where the approximate cost of two Long distance movers and a sufficient truck will set you back AED 400 – AED 700 approximately, but this is not with us.

Factors that will be taken into consideration when quoting for your long-distance move in UAE:


  1. Location and Distance

The price of petrol is factored into interstate moves, and this is determined by kilometers. A move from Melbourne to Sydney will be cheaper than a Melbourne to Perth removal job. Of course, travel distance will also affect the travel time and the Long distance movers cost. Hourly costs for the manpower will be higher if you move a greater distance.


  1. Size of Your Load

The inventory of your furniture and goods will help your removalists decide on the right size truck for your interstate move in UAE. Moving a two-bedroom apartment will require a smaller truck size than moving a large 4-bedroom family home. The bigger the truck, the higher your moving costs.


  1. Additional Services

For many, Long distance movers interstate in UAE is not as straightforward as simply loading furniture and goods onto a truck and unloading at the destination. Often, extra services like; pre-packing services, antique removal, vehicle transportation, shot or long-term warehouse storage, self-storage, billiard table or aquarium removal services or pet transportation services are required. Choosing a professional company is the best way to ensure all your bases are covered, as they offer every imaginable moving and storage services in one place. Keep in mind that Goods-in-transit insurance is essential for interstate moves which can be swiftly arranged by at the time of booking.


  1. Scheduling Flexibility

There are significant price benefits of having flexibility with your interstate moving needs. Some professional interstate removalists in UAE offer cheaper rates from Monday to Thursday or for bookings. If you plan well and secure your booking early you should be able to save some money.


  1. Professional Packing

Believe it or not, having your home professionally packed can save you money in the long run. The packing team has a niche for facilitating highly organized packs, which reduces the amount of labor both at the time of loading and unloading. With excellent labeling systems, protective packing of fragile items, organizing inventory before the move, the expert packing team can knock hours off your move. Best of all, you will eliminate a huge amount of stress throughout the moving process.